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Dacia Sandero 0.9 TCe Laureate

Week ending September 27
Mileage 5160
Driven this week 100

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Dacia's offensive on the UK market continues with the arrival of the Logan MCV. The budget brand has just launched the cheapest estate car on the new market. The entry-level model comes in at around £7000 and even the top-of-the-range car comes in at under £11,000.

Sandero drivers will be familiar with the cabin but will be pleasantly surprised by the massive boot. Families looking for an estate car that won't break the bank should definitely check it out.

By Matthew Burrow

Week ending September 20
Mileage 5060
Driven this week 40

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I borrowed Matthew’s Sandero one day to collect my youngest from his first day of school. It was the obvious choice as it would be small enough to squeeze into the tightest of parking spots in the nearby roads around the school.

It didn’t disappoint – it was nippy enough to whizz through the lunchtime traffic and still get me there in plenty of time to a smiling little face waiting for me. A happy day for all and a happy little car to match!

By Michele Hall

Week ending September 13
Mileage 5020
Driven this week 530

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Dacia might be Europe's fastest growing car manufacturer and may have had over 11,000 orders placed, but it still seems that not everyone has heard of it.

I parked the Sandero at the airport recently and registered the car with the attendant. He had never heard of Dacia. To confuse matters further, he then plugged the number plate into the system and it came up as belonging to a Renault Clio. Now the Clio has donated a number of parts to the Sandero but they really are quite different.

Finally I got the Sandero registered, albeit under an alias: the Renault Blue Sandero.

By Matthew Burrow - Matthew.Burrow@whatcar.com

Week ending September 6
Mileage 4490
Driven this week 82

We recently had a Dacia Duster Black Edition in for testing. The Black Edition gets a matt black vinyl wrap, leather seats, 18-inch alloy wheels and a premium infotainment system (which is unfortunately nowhere near as good as the one in the Sandero). Seeing it made me wonder if Dacia might give the Sandero the Black Edition treatment, too.

One of the main attractions of the Sandero is the low price. However, the Black Edition costs nearly £6000 more than the standard Duster. If you apply that figure to the Sandero, it would double the price of the entry-level car. I can't imagine that would be hugely popular.

By Matthew Burrow

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