Our cars: Peugeot 208 - September

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Peugeot 208 1.2 VTi Allure 3dr

Week ending September 27
Mileage 8920
Driven this week 351

Peugeot 208

I knew this would happen.

Seven weeks ago the 208 flashed up a warning that it was due maintenance in the next eight weeks. Great! With warning like this there is no way I will forget to book it in and it will be serviced on time and without panic, I thought.

Steadily, and somewhat inevitably, the weeks ticked by and this morning I was confronted by the same polite notice every morning with an ever lower number of weeks until the service was due until this morning it said: 'Maintenance due in 3450 miles or 1 week.'

With the deadline looming I figured it was about time to give Peugeot a call. It turned out they could accommodate pretty much any time next week, with a courtesy car provided from Wednesday onwards.

So this time next week I should be able to tell you whether the rest of the process was as smooth as it has been so far.

By Tom Webster

Week ending September 13
Mileage 8569
Driven this week 124

The Peugeot 208's interior has held up pretty well so far, with everything on the dash and central console remaining scratch free and intact.

It's not flawless though, as I've been noticing a squeak somewhere deep inside the driver's seat. It's not been quite loud enough to locate precisely, but shuffling the seat around hasn't seemed to solve the issue.

It's a shame, as it's the first blemish that has appeared on the otherwise enjoyable interior.

By Tom Webster

Week ending September 6
Mileage 8445
Driven this week 343

The Peugeot 208 has been on another mission this week. This time it was trying to convert long-time VW Golf and technical team leader for Pistonheads.com Phil Marshalsea to the ways of the modern Peugeot...

'I've generally avoided buying French cars - I was more a fan of the VW Golf GTi school of front wheel drive fun when growing up.

'I came close once, putting a deposit on a Peugeot 306 GTi 6, but in the end I kept to type and bought a Golf. As a result, I was interested to borrow the What Car 208 to see how far the modern Peugeot had come from my memories of low rent interiors and paper thin construction.

'Generally the 208 seemed a decent enough build. It's a nice looking thing with accented rear chrome effect highlights and it came well specified with folding mirrors, media console and slightly sporty seats.

'Bad things happen when I started to pull away. The clutch bite point is so high that smooth starts are hard to judge. More often setting off from rest was accompanied by a load of revs.

'The media console felt like a bit of a third party add on, and it certainly looked glued onto the dash. It does the job but I couldn't find postcode option in the satnav and it wouldn't remember that I wanted to use my phone as an audio source.

'So does my long lasting aversion to French motoring remain? Yes, thanks all the same, but I will stick with the likes of the Golf.'

By Tom Webster

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