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Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 280 Cupra

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Week ending September 25
Mileage 2650
Miles driven this week 110

I know looks can be subjective, but I’ve got no problems with how the Seat Leon Cupra looks on the outside.

It’s the inside that is less impressive to my mind, as nothing really stands out to make it clear that you are in the most powerful production Seat ever made. There are bespoke styling details that are only offered on the Cupra 280, but they are all very subtle, and more so than the FR model that sits lower down the range.

The decoration on the steering wheel, doors and the doors is black, rather than silver, as it is in the FR. That said, you do get a couple of flag badges on the gear knob and on the steering wheel. It does say ‘Cupra’ on the seats, but you don’t see that once you’re sat down.

As it’s mine, I know what car I’m in, but I’d like it if it was made a little clearer to my passengers as well.

By Tom Webster

Week ending September 12
Mileage 2540
Miles driven this week 1440

As I mentioned in my last update, the Leon Cupra's first stint under my care lasted a very short time, thanks to an unfortunate bump with a post.

Now, thankfully, it is finally back in my possession and I can start to get to know the new car. There are some crucial differences to my old SC, and some things I'm really looking forward to inspecting in further depth over the coming months.

There are two versions of the Leon Cupra, one with 261bhp, while the one we have gone for is the most powerful Seat ever made, and boasts 276bhp from its 2.0-litre TSI engine.

This translates into an impressive-looking set of figures. The 0-62mph sprint comes in 5.8 seconds, while it has a limited top speed of 155mph. The official fuel economy looks impressive at 42.8mpg, but I know from my time with the 1.4-litre SC that our True MPG figure is a more realistic bet, and that works out at 34.3mpg.

In terms of equipment, I've kept the spec simple and stuck to the Cupra's standard offering, apart from Nevada White metallic paint at £530. I didn't feel the need to add anything, though, as I get a dynamic chassis control system, high performance brakes, front differential, 19-inch alloys, DAB digital radio, satellite navigation, a black rear spoiler and auto lights and wipers all included, so the focus really is on the car.

By Tom Webster

Week ending September 1

Mileage 1100
Miles driven this week 1028

You might notice that it has been a few weeks since we said hello to our newly arrived Seat Leon Cupra, and we've gone rather quiet on the matter in the meantime.

This is nothing to do with having nothing to say about the car, but more to do with a nefarious act committed by a colleague, who shall remain anonymous (I'm saving the public unveiling of his name as a useful weapon against him…)

Said nameless colleague took my poor, brand new Cupra to the tip of all places. He says he kept the interior clean, but noticed a spider had crept into the cabin. In trying to get rid of this spider, he rolled the Leon into a post at low speed.

The result was a cracked bumper and a bent bonnet, so back to Seat the car had to go, and that is where it has stayed ever since. Hopefully it'll be fixed and back before too long.

By Tom Webster

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