New or used car? - Skoda Citigo

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  • Skoda's Citigo can be a better value new than used
  • Buy new to save over £1200 on a used model over 42 months
  • Based on a 0% PCP deal

If you fancy something small, the Skoda Citigo 1.0-litre Greentech in our favourite mid-range SE trim may suit.

You don’t have to be a mathematics wizard to see the benefits of Skoda’s current 0% interest PCP offer. To keep our monthly payments low but sensible, we calculated the deal over 42 months. This involves paying a £927 deposit and a final lump sum of £3117, but monthly outgoings are a reasonable £128. You can pay even less per month; Skoda is advertising monthly payments of £69 over three years, but that requires a bigger deposit and final payment. After three years, the Citigo will have kept £4500 of its original value, meaning total expenditure is an incredibly low £5029.

The used version still offers fantastic value; the average price of a one-year-old Citigo with the same spec is £8510 from a Skoda dealer. However, the typical interest rate on a personal loan over 42 months will set you back £229 a month. Take into account that the used car will be worth considerably less at resale time than its newer counterpart, and you’ll shell out £1217 more for the used car.

Verdict: NEW

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