Skoda plans to double UK sales

  • Wants to sell 1.5million cars a year
  • Company to launch three new models in 2012
  • Plans for A city car, Ford Focus rival and all-new Octavia
Skoda has plans to double sales in the UK
Skoda has plans to double sales in the UK
Skoda is aiming to double UK sales in the next five years, as part of the brand’s ambitions to double all global sales to 1.5 million cars a year by 2018.

In order to achieve this Skoda is investing “significantly” in the UK market, and will be launching three new models in 2012: a city car derived from the VW Up, a new Focus-sized car and an all-new Octavia.

‘Skoda’s core values fit perfectly with the times,’ said Winfried Vahland, Skoda chairman. “People want space, practicality, sensible costs and hassle-free cars, and that is exactly what Skoda is delivering.

‘Britain is on course to become Europe’s second-largest market, and despite our ambitions in emerging countries such as Russia and China, Europe will always be at our core. That’s why we’ll invest significantly in growing our presence in Britain.’

Vahland also vowed that Skoda would always have the freedom within the VW Group to develop cars to its own requirements.

‘The Group brings benefits in terms of scale and resources, and we’d be foolish not to use them,’ he said. ‘But it is also crucial to keep our independence, so we can shine as ourselves, not because of our ownership.’

Skoda UK sold 41,000 cars in 2010, a 10.5% increase on 2009 and wants accelerate growth further in 2011 to increase its 2% market share.

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