Skoda Octavia News

Nov 28, 2014
This week, the Octavia is called upon to deal with the first frosts of winter, and we discover why its 'basic' heated windscreen is worth every penny
Nov 21, 2014
The Kia has received a minor scrape while the Octavia's standard-fit stereo system is compared to the upgraded version.
Nov 14, 2014
The Kia Soul's dimensions are proving handy on narrow country roads, while there's a fault with the Octavia's touch-screen.
Nov 12, 2014
  •  The second most economical 4x4, in our tests
  •  Comes with more equipment and off-road ability
  •  Save almost £3500
Oct 31, 2014
The Kia Soul's reversing camera has been a godsend but isn't perfect, while our web editor has been comparing other Skoda Octavia models with our hatchback.
Oct 27, 2014

The Scout is the most rugged version of the Skoda Octavia Estate, offering four-wheel-drive ability in a more practical, economical package than a traditional SUV. We drive it in the UK for the first time

Sep 26, 2014
The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has been demonstrating its practical side and the Skoda Octavia has developed some bad vibrations