JD Power Survey 2011 - Other small family cars - part 1

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  • Annual satisfaction survey
  • Owners surveyed about their cars
  • Results of almost 300 million miles driving
Here's how other small family cars rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

2 Honda Civic
Satisfaction rating 82.7%
Overall 14th
Honda Civic review

There were positive responses almost all round from owners of the Civic. The highest praise, however, was reserved for Honda’s superb servicing and repair work, and low running costs.

The only major blips were a number of battery failures, paint flaws and tyre wear.

3 Hyundai i30
Satisfaction rating 82.1%
Overall 19th
Hyundai review

i30 drivers are a happy bunch. They reported few mechanical problems, and gave good scores for everything apart from service. Running costs and economy also scored well – they were eclipsed only by the Octavia’s in this class.

4 Volvo C30
Satisfaction rating 81.8%
Overall 24th=
Volvo C30 review

C30 owners loved the look of their cars inside and out, reported few mechanical problems and enjoyed the responsive steering, brakes and handling. The servicing experience was also highly rated, if costly. Boot space was deemed measly, though.

5 Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Satisfaction rating 81.6%
Overall 30th
Mercedes-Benz A-Class review

Owners loved the top-notch servicing experience. Ease of access (to interior and boot) was noted, but complaints about wind noise and a tricky fuel cap dragged the score down. The closely spaced pedals was another niggle.

6= Audi A3, S3
Satisfaction rating 81.3%
Overall 32nd=
Audi A3 review review

Responsive steering and brakes pushed the car to a five-star performance rating. It fared well on servicing, too, Audi’s facilities receiving a particularly high score. Insurance and repair costs were high, and there were reports of wiper problems.

6= BMW 1 Series
Satisfaction rating 81.3%
Overall 32nd=
BMW 1 Series review

Owners loved the drive and reported few problems. Dealerships were rated as clean and helpful. Rear-seat passengers complained of all-round space problems. Running costs got a mixed reception; fuel economy was excellent but not repair costs.

8 Volkswagen Golf
Satisfaction rating 81.0%
Overall 39th=
Volkswagen Golf review

Strong, but not exceptional, results were enough – just – to lift the Golf above mid-table. Drivers enjoyed the drive, the dynamic chassis and responsive brakes, and in particular the acceleration from standstill and on the motorway.

Sinner: Kia Cee'd
9= Kia Cee'd
Satisfaction rating 80.1%
Overall 46th=
Kia Cee'd review

Disaster! Last year the Cee’d won this class on its debut showing. This year it has slumped. A long list of gripes included mechanical problems with the brakes, handbrake, wipers and door locks. What a difference a year makes (last year owners rated the mechanicals as rock-solid). This year they weren’t much happier with the low-quality materials used in the interior either, and didn’t find the Cee’d much fun to drive. The cost of repairs was also singled out for complaint among otherwise strong running costs.

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