JD Power Survey 2011 - Other small family cars - part 2

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Here's how other small family cars rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

9= Mazda 3
Satisfaction rating 80.1%
Overall 46th=
Mazda 3 review

Most scores for the Mazda 3 were average. Owners of the car said the 3 had few bodywork blemishes, and the audio controls were highly praised, but seat comfort and squeaks, shuddering brakes and poor rear-seat space and economy were all areas where the vehicle was criticised by drivers.

9= Seat Leon
Satisfaction rating 80.1%
Overall 46th=
Seat Leon review

Slightly better news this year: Seat’s previously maligned dealer service is now rated around average. Thumbs up for the styling, driving dynamics and audio system, but there were problems with the radio, side windows and door mirrors.

12 Toyota Auris
Satisfaction rating 79.3%
Overall 62nd=
Toyota Auris review

Mixed reports mean a below-mid-table result for the Auris. Owners reported few body problems and were generally positive about dealer service. Complaints concerned noisy brakes, squeaky seats, the steering and the manual gearbox.

13 Citroën C4
Satisfaction rating 78.8%
Overall 69th=
Citroen C4 review

Numerous interior problems dogged the C4, said owners. There were complaints about the glovebox, seat quality, front-window fogging and a weak, noisy heater. There were fewer-than-average mechanical problems, and praise for the audio systems.

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In focus
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2009 1st Small family car class
2010 2nd= Small family car class
2011 1st Small family car class

Winning car, winning service
The Skoda Octavia has starred in JD Power survey results in recent times, winning its category in four of the past five years and finishing second equal (behind the Kia Cee’d) in the year it didn’t take top spot.

A look back through the past five years of ownership reviews for JD Power reveals that the Octavia has been adored by owners for its fuss-free, low-cost motoring; in many ways it is the standard-bearer for today’s money-conscious buyers.

It’s also notable that owners have scored the Octavia highly for its dynamic talents as well as its dependability. It has consistently been rated highly for driving pleasure, especially on the motorway, and for its ride and handling. Problems have always been few and far between: over five years the biggest grumbles have been about radio reception and minor cabin faults – hardly the stuff of nightmares, especially when dealer servicing has always been rated as excellent when anything has needed fixing.
14 Renault Mégane
Satisfaction rating 78.7%
Overall 72nd=
Renault Megane review

The Mégane was again judged to be mechanically strong, but problems with water leaks, side windows and door-lock breakages vexed many owners. Radio reception was poor, as was the quality of cabin materials; and rear seats were cramped.

15 Ford Focus
Satisfaction rating 78.6%
Overall 75th
Ford Focus used car review

Another lowish ranking for the Focus. Owners didn’t especially praise or criticise any one area, and the car kept comfortably ahead of its arch-rival, the Astra. Drivers liked the look inside and out, but there were issues with uneven tyre wear.

16 Peugeot 308
Satisfaction rating 77.5%
Overall 83rd=
Peugeot 308 used car review

Close-to-average or poor ratings for the 308. Problems included brake and clutch issues and fluid leaks. Interior gripes focused on misaligned mouldings, low-rent materials, breaking CD players, and weak air-con and heating systems.

17 Vauxhall Astra
Satisfaction rating 76.5%
Overall 94th=
Vauxhall Astra used car review

Astra owners reckon it has close-to-average mechanical and interior problems – then it was criticism all the way. Poor economy and repair and insurance costs were highlighted, plus problems with the front doors, wipers, horn and water leaks.

18 Fiat Bravo
Satisfaction rating 76.4%
Overall 96th
Fiat Bravo review

Bottom of the class again, and rated as below average in almost every area. Fogged-up windows, poor heaters, noisy fans, loose mats and tricky fuel caps were highlighted. Engine and clutch warning lights indicated problems.

JD Power Survey 2011 - Family car winner


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