JD Power survey 2010 - Sports cars

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  • 17,200 motorists polled
  • 104 models reviewed
  • 27 manufacturers tested
How the mighty have fallen: the CLK has slumped and the MX-5 is back at the top.

1: Mazda MX-5

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 82.3%
Overall 14th=

If there's one car that always does well in the sports category, it's the MX-5. It has a trophy cabinet full of JD Power awards and now adds this year's title, too.

Owners are particularly happy with the drop top's quality and reliability, citing the lack of problems a particular high point. However, the Mazda lost out when it came to the performance of the audio and navigation systems and the quality of the car's interior. Some engine and transmission concerns also detracted from the overall score.

The MX-5 was highly rated for how well it drove and the exterior design got top marks, but the Mazda's interior got only three out of five for its appeal.

Running costs scored ‘good', with four stars, along with the levels of satisfaction provided by dealers. Their servicing facilities were highlighted as a particular concern, though.

2: Mercedes-Benz SLK Series

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 82.0%
Overall 18th=
Showing a steady improvement on last year's result, the SLK's durable mechanical components proved scored highly, with the car's interior standing up well to everyday life. Owners also found the Mercedes very appealing, with the car's performance and interior gaining full marks, although the exterior earned only three stars.

3: Volkswagen Eos Series

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 81.3%
Overall 23rd
Although the Eos has improved on previous years, it still gave owners plenty of concerns over water leaks, along with general problems with the folding metal roof. The overall reliability of the Eos was excellent, but the performance and interior failed to appeal, while the exterior styling was also singled out as being below average.

4: Audi TT

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 79.3%
Overall 53rd
TT owners liked their cars' performance most of all; both the interior and exterior scored only two stars, partly due to a lack of rear passenger space and the car's styling. Owners also highlighted problems with the interior controls, entertainment system and seats.

5: Mercedes-Benz CLK

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 78.7%
Overall 61st=
It's riches to rags for the CLK, which slips from class leader last year to bottom of the league this year. The biggest culprit was high running costs, particularly for insurance and servicing, along with a sharp decline in how appealing owners found their cars, mainly due to the styling. The only saving grace was the general shortage of problems with the car's exterior.

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Robert’s Mazda MX–5
Name Robert Ayley Age 47 Lives Hawkshurst, Kent Job Independent financial adviser Model CC 2.0 Sport Mileage 10,000
‘I specifically opted for the CC version of the MX-5, rather than the roadster; I wanted less noise and the added security of a folding hard top. The Mazda has performed faultlessly and I haven’t had a single leak in the cabin. As well as being great to drive, it’s also comfortable, with a great heating and air-con system.’

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