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Winner Sports cars
Porsche Boxster 2.7
Year ’05/05 Price £15,700
The Porsche's credentials are impeccable. Whether you want to soar
down the motorway, blast along a back road or just cruise a boulevard, this is the car to do it in.

This second-generation Boxster was introduced in 2005, and although it looks similar to the original it’s a much better car. It’s more enjoyable to drive and more powerful, yet it’s pretty practical and refined for a two-seat drop-top.

The Boxster was designed from the ground up as a roadster, which means you don’t get the chassis twist or structural rigidity problems that some convertibles suffer from. It strikes a near-perfect balance between agility and grip, and the Boxster is sublime on all roads.

Our judges think you’ll be more than happy with the performance of the 240bhp 2.7-litre model, but for those with more money to spend and a bigger adrenaline addiction the harder, faster 276bhp 3.2-litre S is available.

Judge's view
John Owen,
buyer, Fords of Winsford supermarket

‘The Porsche Boxster – it’s a future classic sports convertible. It’s fast, reliable and will hold it’s value amazingly well. A full service history is essential.’
The Boxster isn’t the sort of sports car that’s so raw you can use it only at weekends: it’s easily feasible as everyday transport.

The electrically operated hood can be raised or lowered in 12 seconds and does
a good job of insulating you from wind and road noise at higher speeds. There isn’t even too much buffeting at high speed with it down. There are two boots (one in the nose, one in the tail) that offer a combined capacity of 280 litres.

At this price you should be able to pick up a Boxster with a full leather interior, as well as the upgraded Bose sound system. Some cars come with the optional sports suspension but, as the standard set-up is so impressive, we suggest you
test drive before you buy.

Need to know
Power 240bhp
Fuel economy 29.4mpg
0-60mph 6.2sec
Max speed 159mph
Insurance 43
Road tax £425
CO2 emissions 229g/km
Euro NCAP rating N/A
Reliability rating 4/5
Service intervals 12,000 miles

Mazda MX-5 1.8
’03/03, £4100
There is no cheaper way to get the wind in your hair and put a smile on your face than the excellent MX-5.

Volkswagen Golf GTI
’06/06, £10,000
The hot hatch for the cool-headed: the GTI is practical, reliable and will
still blow your socks off.

Audi R8 4.2 V8
’07/57, £60,000
This is a bona fide supercar that gives Ferraris, high-end Porsches and Lamborghinis a run for their money.

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