What Car Q&A - Sporty superminis with sunroofs?

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We want to replace my wife's 2003 Fiesta Zetec with another supermini. The car needs to be sporty, have leather seats and a sunroof – but that list is causing us a problem, particularly the sunroof. Only the Mini seems to fit the bill, and my wife doesn't like it.
Graham Davies

There aren’t many cars that fit the bill, but we’ve found three.

Fiat offers leather upholstery (£650) and a sunroof (£550) with its new 500. Currently the 1.4 Sport is the sportiest model, but with just 99bhp it won’t set the road alight. With both options added you’ll only be splashing out £11,850.

The new 153bhp Grande Punto Abarth is the most powerful car we could find. Leather costs £850 extra and a sunroof £550, so you’ll be spending a minimum of £14,900.

The Volkswagen Polo GTI can be specced with both leather (£1280) and a sunroof (£515), too. It’s certainly quick with 148bhp, but tick both boxes in the options list and you’ll be forking out a hefty £16,995 for the three-door model.

You can find reviews of all three cars elsewhere on whatcar.com.

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