Summer motoring 2012: stay legal abroad

  • The kit you'lll need to carry abroad...
  • safety and driving laws
  • 16 most-popular destinations covered
Driving abroad
Driving abroad
Whether you're driving abroad for business, or heading to a holiday destination, you should always make sure you comply with local driving laws – it could save you being fined, or even getting a criminal conviction in extreme cases.

So, if you're planning to take your car to foreign shores, follow our guide to the most-popular destinations for British drivers. Choose your country below – using the dropdown menu – and find out what you'll need to stay on the right side of the law.

From warning triangles to carrying breathalysers in France, this latest feature in our summer motoring 2012 series has got the information you need. Remember, however, this is not full legal advice and you should always follow local signage and laws.

Don’t think you can escape the fines once you return to the UK, either. Many penalties are payable on the spot, but if not, the DVLA will pass on your details to the country that’s pursuing you for payment. France is particularly persistent in chasing offenders, so make sure you thoroughly research their rules before heading over - or under - the Channel.

Driving abroad - what you'll need
Find out what safety equipment and documentation you'll need to carry when driving in your chosen destination - along with other essential local driving information. Simply click on the dropdown menu to select the country you're travelling to.

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