JD Power Survey 2011 - Other superminis - part 1

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  • Annual satisfaction survey
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  • Results of almost 300 million miles driving
Here's how other superminis rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

2 Mini
Satisfaction rating82.2%
Overall 18th
Mini review

The Mini has always fared extremely well in JD Power Satisfaction Surveys, but this year it has done even better by scoring its highest ever finish. The Minis owners raved about its looks, its interior, the way it drives and its engine and gearbox. Unsurprisingly, though, it was saddled with lower than average marks for space.

3 Skoda FabiaSatisfaction rating81.7%
Overall 26th=
Skoda Fabia review

Skoda’s ’mini has been climbing the JD Power league for the past two years. Owners were particularly impressed with the Fabia’s low running costs and its heating and ventilation. There was a high number of exterior faults, though.

4 Nissan Note
Satisfaction rating81.2%
Overall 35th
Nissan Note review

A very consistent performance by the Note, with owners scoring it average or above in every area. Praise was heaped on the stereo’s ability to play different music formats, but there were reports of noises coming from the engine.

5 Toyota Yaris
Satisfaction rating80.6%
Overall 42nd
Toyota Yaris review

From first to fifth in class, but owners were still positive about most aspects of Yaris ownership – Toyota dealers were rated above average. Apart from a relatively high number of problems with the tailgate and rear parcel shelf, reliability was good, too.

6 Ford Fiesta
Satisfaction rating79.9%
Overall 53rd=
Ford Fiesta review

Owners had nothing bad to report about the new-shape Fiesta. In fact, they were very complimentary about the Ford’s looks, its stereo and its ventilation system. Only average grades for dealer service stopped the Fiesta from finishing higher.

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In focus
Frugal superminis have the happiest owners
Finding out how many miles per gallon a car can ‘officially’ do is easy – you just look in the brochure – but how economical will it be when driven in the real world? Well, this graph gives a good clue how frugal these superminis were at the hands of JD Power respondents.

Of course, there are other important factors to consider, such as owner expectations. So, the fact that Honda Jazz drivers were happier with their cars’ fuel consumption than owners of any other superminis doesn’t necessarily mean it was the most economical car – it may simply mean that people weren’t expecting as many miles to the gallon as they got. However, results show that if owners are pleased with fuel economy, they’re generally happy with their car – which isn’t a huge surprise given that superminis are supposed to be cheap to run.

There are one or two trend-buckers, though. Citroën C3 owners, for instance, were quite positive about their cars’ fuel economy, but rated it average or below in most other areas. Mitsubishi Colt drivers were scathing about their cars in many respects, but they weren’t too disappointed with its mpg.

7 Volkswagen Polo
Satisfaction rating79.8%
Overall 55th=
Volkswagen Polo used car review

The Polo remains seventh in the supermini class, but slides from 46th to 55th overall. Dealer service was rated highly and owners also liked the Polo’s smooth gearshift. That said, there was a high number of rear wiper problems.

8 Mazda 2
Satisfaction rating79.3%
Overall 62nd=
Mazda 2

Mazda 2 owners were indifferent about their cars, with average marks awarded for interior appeal, space and storage, driving dynamics and ownership costs. However, the high number of complaints about the ventilation, was a surprise.

9 Nissan Micra
Satisfaction rating79.0%
Overall 66th=
Nissan Micra used car review

The Micra’s oily bits proved reliable. It had double the average number of seat problems, though, and owners reported that the floor mats refused to stay in place. The Micra was praised for its good fuel economy and low insurance premiums.

10 Ford Fusion
Satisfaction rating78.7%
Overall 72nd=
Ford Fusion review

When you consider that the Fusion was launched nearly 10 years ago, 10th in class isn’t a bad result. Owners liked the flexible seating, and also found access a doddle. Unfortunately, there was a comparatively high number of mechanical problems.

11 Vauxhall Meriva
Satisfaction rating78.5%
Overall 76th=
Vauxhall Meriva used car review

A much better showing than last year for Vauxhall’s old-shape Meriva. Owners praised its spacious cabin, flexible seating layout and low ownership costs. The interior proved dependable, but the windscreen wipers and brakes didn’t.

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