JD Power Survey 2011 - Other superminis - part 2

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  • Annual satisfaction survey
  • Owners surveyed about their cars
  • Results of almost 300 million miles driving
Here's how other superminis rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

12 Citroën C3
Satisfaction rating77.4%
Overall 85th=
Citroen C3 used car review

The average dealer service and a huge number of windscreen wiper faults all helped to let down the C3 in its overall rating, but it was praised for its good fuel consumption.

Owners of the car rated the C3 average for exterior looks and driving dynamics, but were very critical of its high servicing costs.

13 Hyundai i20
Satisfaction rating77.3%
Overall 88th=
Hyundai i20 review

Hyundai’s ’mini might be cheap to buy, but owners weren’t impressed with
how much it cost to service, repair and insure. Dealer service was no better than average, too, but owners did find the i20 easy to get into and out of.

14 Peugeot 207
Satisfaction rating77.1%
Overall 90th
Peugeot 207 review

A better performance than last year, but not by much. Scores were mostly average, but the Peugeot’s brakes and unreliable windscreen wipers did come in for a kicking. The good news is that Peugeot dealers appear to have upped their game.

15 Renault Clio
Satisfaction rating76.5%
Overall 94th=
Renault Clio review

Poor dealership service was a major contribution to the Clio’s bottom-half finish. They were rated
below par in all areas. The Clio’s heating and ventilation system proved dependable, but the stereo had its fair share of gremlins.

16 Fiat Grande Punto / Evo
Satisfaction rating76.2%
Overall 97th
Fiat Punto Evo review

A better performance than last year, but Fiat will hardly be celebrating. Owners criticised the Punto’s cheap interior, small boot and ineffective heating and ventilation system. Reliability was average or above.

17= Hyundai Getz
Satisfaction rating75.6%
Overall 100th=
Hyundai Getz review

Getz owners slated its looks, interior, poor driving dynamics and high ownership costs. It actually proved quite reliable, and most aspects of dealer service were rated above average. There were lots of door lock problems, though.

17= Seat Ibiza
Satisfaction rating75.6%
Overall 100th=
Seat Ibiza review

Seat won’t be pleased at all by the latest Ibiza’s performance in its first JD Power survey. In fact, it did considerably worse than the old model. Owners were scathing about the new car’s reliability, driving dynamics and engine and gearbox.

19 Suzuki Swift
Satisfaction rating75.5%
Overall 102nd
Suzuki Swift review

You might expect the Swift to be reliable, given that it’s Japanese. Not according to owners, who said their cars were prone to not starting, and also complained about noisy brakes and seat problems. The Swift was also too costly to run.

20 Mitsubishi Colt
Satisfaction rating75.3%
Overall 104th
Mitsubishi Colt review

The old-shape Colt finished eighth in last year’s supermini class, so Mitsubishi will be frustrated to see the new car in 20th. Owners were happy with the cost of servicing and repairs, but a high number of mechanical failures will be Mitsubishi’s biggest concern.

Sinner: Vauxhall Corsa
21 Vauxhall Corsa
Satisfaction rating74.9%
Overall 106
Vauxhall Corsa review

The Corsa has a history of doing badly in JD Power surveys, but third from bottom overall will be a nasty surprise for Vauxhall. Dealers must shoulder some of the blame, because they were rated below average in every aspect of service satisfaction, but the car itself was slated for being too costly to run and poor to drive. Reliability was also below par, with owners reporting a particularly high number of problems with the seats and the windscreen wipers. Owners also grumbled about the Vauxhall’s noisy brakes and its ineffective heater. In fact, there wasn’t much they did like about the Corsa.
22 Kia Rio
Satisfaction rating74.6%
Overall 107th
Kia Rio review

Only the Ford Ka spares the Rio’s blushes. Otherwise, the Kia would have finished bottom of the entire survey. Owners were damning about the high cost of servicing and repairs, and also complained about excessive wind noise and poor radio reception.

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