JD Power survey 2012 - Superminis part 2

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11= Seat Ibiza
Overall 79th=
The Ibiza moves up six places and gains an extra star by addressing many of last year’s problems. It’s rated as average for fuel economy, but let down by more battery failures than average, and parcel shelf problems.

JD Power 2012 13 Vauxhall Meriva
Overall 82nd=
The average-performing Meriva had problems with stopping: its brakes and handbrake came in for criticism. Owners disliked its high fuel consumption. Accessibility and space, however, were praised, particularly in the rear.

JD Power 201214 Citroën C3
Overall 85th
C3 owners found little to rave about, although they did feel confident behind the wheel, praising the driver’s view and ease of parking. Fuel consumption was also acceptable, although the car was dogged by wiper problems and condensation.

JD Power 2012
15 Hyundai i20
Overall 87th=
Strange noises unnerved owners and lost the i20 points, as did poor radio reception, trim quality and paint imperfections. Service and repair costs didn’t impress, either, although the car’s low insurance costs did offer some respite.

JD Power 201216 Mazda 2
Overall 91st=
A disappointing eight-place slide for the Mazda 2, with interior durability, and dealership comfort and facilities marked below par. Owners also thought workshop charges were too high, while fuel economy was also poorly rated.

JD Power 201217 Nissan Micra
Overall 98th
An eight-place and one-star drop for the Micra with a multitude of problems, including excessive wind noise, dodgy door panels and rapid tyre wear. Only friendly and helpful service from dealers prevented an even worse performance.

JD Power 201218= Kia Rio
Overall 102nd=
Kia was spared a repeat of last year’s bottom-of-table shame, although this had more to do with the poor performance of other cars than Kia owners’ praise. Problems included pulling to one side, wind noise, tyre wear and engine starting.

JD Power 201218= Vauxhall Corsa
Overall 102nd=
Top-of-the-range Corsa prices are higher than the likes of the Audi A1 and Polo, but rather than complaining about value for money, owners cited noisy brakes, shoddy heating, a sub-standard dealer experience and high workshop bills.

JD Power 201220 Mitsubishi Colt
Overall 111th
Its vital organs were given a clean bill of health, but the Colt’s packaging let it down. Owners slammed the audio system and the tinny feel of the doors. It was also rated the most uncomfortable supermini, with seats that were difficult to adjust.

JD Power 201221 Fiat Grande Punto/Punto Evo
Overall 112th
Back to the doldrums for Fiat. Unexplained noises, shuddering and noisy brakes, engine warning lights and failed batteries were topped off by disappointing dealer service and poor radio reception.

JD Power 201222 Renault Clio
Overall 113th
Renault won’t be happy with the disastrous performance of its second-best-selling car. In this survey, the Clio plummeted seven places to rock bottom in the supermini league table, with owners criticising the cheap feel of cabin materials, limited storage space and cramped, uncomfortable rear seats. Owners also used the survey to rail against excessively high ownership costs, particularly for service and repair. Renault will be hoping for a big shift in the car’s fortunes when the next-generation Clio is launched later this year.'

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