Geneva motor show 2010 - Suzuki Swift Hybrid

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Geneva motor show
Geneva motor show
Suzuki is showing off its Swift supermini with a plug-in hybrid system.

What is it
The Swift Hybrid is a showcase for Suzuki's hybrid technology, which we first saw at the Tokyo motor show last October.

Vital statistics
Designed for drivers who travel low mileages, the car combines electric power with a 660cc petrol engine as back-up.

A 12-mile range on electric power alone will help keep emissions low.

The car can be recharged using a domestic plug socket, while an on-board generator charges the batteries when the power level drops.

The car could make it to production within a couple of years, initially for the Japanese domestic market. Suzuki might consider selling it further afield if it proves to be successful.

Also on Suzuki's stand
Suzuki is showing off its Kizashi saloon at the show, but UK car buyers won't be seeing it – for a while at least.

It's powered by a 2.4-litre petrol engine, has a CVT transmission and four-wheel drive as standard. Suzuki doesn't reckon there are enough consumers of high-powered, not-particularly-efficient family cars in the UK to warrant it importing it over here. Maybe when it comes with a diesel engine...

A new-look Grand Vitara is also on show – now without a spare wheel on the tailgate – to make it more suitable for city driving. This model will go on sale in the UK in July.

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