Tesla News

Oct 29, 2015
How do you find an electric car with the best range? What is the best electric car, and should you switch to one? Here's everything you need to know
Sep 30, 2015
The production version of the all-electric SUV has been revealed, with an electric range of 250 miles
Nov 5, 2014
  •  Skoda Fabia and Tesla Model S receive five-star crash ratings
  •  BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and Nissan Pulsar also get maximum score
  •  Renault Megane result upgraded
Oct 10, 2014
  •  Four-wheel-drive versions will be badged 'D' for Dual Motor
  •  New technology for autonomous driving
  •  Available to order now; UK deliveries from spring 2015
Oct 3, 2014
  •  Tesla is offering its own finance deal
  •  Will guarantee to buy the car back at an agreed price
  •  Guarantees price of options, too
Jul 31, 2014
The Tesla Model S is an eye-catching car in many ways - it promises fantastic acceleration, high levels of luxury and up to 312 miles on electric power. Our readers had a chance to try it for themselves.
Jul 23, 2014
  •  Audi commits to plug-in tech
  •  Says pure electric cars aren't practical enough
  •  Audi Q7, A8 and A6 plug-in hybrids coming
Jul 16, 2014
  •  Tesla confirms it will release an electric 3 Series rival
  •  Will be called the Tesla Model 3
  •  Set to be revealed in 2016 and go on sale in 2017
Jun 18, 2014
  •  Drive the ground-breaking Tesla electric car 
  •  Exclusive What Car? event
  •  Join us in west London on Monday, July 7
Jun 12, 2014
Running a company car could prove an expensive business, but not if you pick one of these. All of these cars are exempt from benefit-in-kind tax or are in the lowest band.