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We rate the best used 4x4 cars for sale today. The 10 cars listed here offer great value and versatility whatever the weather throws at you.

Honda CRV '05/05
Model: 2.2 i-CTDi SE
Fuel: Diesel
Average MPG: 42
Pricing: £6385 - £7495
Our verdict: Honda's compact SUV comes with a cracking diesel engine, and it's roomy, versatile and well built.
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Hyundai Santa Fe '07/07
Model: 2.2 CRTD CDX 7st
Fuel: Diesel
Average MPG: 38.7
Pricing: £9245 - £14,257
Our verdict: The Santa Fe has improved with age, offering space, practicality and reliability at an ever-more bargain price.
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Land Rover Discovery '07/07
Model: TDV6 SE
Fuel: Diesel
Average MPG: 30
Pricing: £13,475 - £26,905
Our verdict: It's three cars in one: an executive cruiser, a seven-seat MPV and a proper off-roader. We reckon SE trim has all you really need.
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Land Rover Freelander '07/07
Model: 2.2 TD4 XS
Fuel: Diesel
Average MPG: 37
Pricing: £10,530 - £14,565
Our verdict: Land Rover's most reliable model is refined, comfortable and good in the rough. XS editions get climate control and parking sensors.
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Lexus RX400h '06/06
Model: SE
Fuel: Petrol
Average MPG: 34.9
Pricing: £10,960 - £22.660
Our verdict: Environmentally responsible, reliable and comfortable, the RX400h is looking great value for the sheer amount of car you're getting.
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Nissan Qashqai '08/08
Model: 2.0 dCi Visia 4WD
Fuel: Diesel
Average MPG: 40
Pricing: £8485 - £11,540
Our verdict: Although our 2011 Used Car of the Year was the Qashqai 1.6 petrol Visia, this 2.0-litre diesel with its four-wheel drive has all the winner's plus points with the added bonus of being capable off-road, too.
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Nissan X-Trail '06/55
Model: 2.2 dCi SE
Fuel: Diesel
Average MPG: 37
Pricing: £5170 - £8410
Our verdict: Competent on- and off-road, the X-Trail is a lot of 4x4 for not a lot of money. SE models come with alloy wheels and climate control.
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Toyota RAV4 '03/52
Model: 2.0 D-4D XT2
Fuel: Diesel
Average MPG: 39
Pricing: £4745 - £4915
Our verdict: A super-reliable option that looks good and offers plenty of interior flexibility. It's good to drive, too.
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Volkswagen Touareg '04/54
Model: 2.5 TDI
Fuel: Diesel
Average MPG: 28
Pricing: £7525 - £20,370
Our verdict: A big car with a plush cabin, surprisingly sharp dynamics and genuine off-road ability.
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Volvo XC60 '08/58
Model: 2.4D SE
Fuel: Diesel
Average MPG: 37
Pricing:£17,070 - £20,035
Our verdict: It's a smooth, quiet cruiser with plenty of power. There's loads of space inside for five and the boot is huge. SE trim gives you all the toys.
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