UK's diesel is cheapest – until tax

  • Base diesel price is lowest in Europe
  • Government tax is highest, though
  • Result is highest-priced diesel
Britain's diesel is the cheapest in Europe – until tax is added.

According to Government figures, the UK's diesel costs an average of 48.8p a litre before tax.

However, that leaps to an average 116.6p a litre once the Government's 58% tax has been added, making it the most expensive diesel in Europe.

Unleaded petrol prices are the third-lowest in Europe before tax – but 62% tax, the third highest in Europe, means it is the fifth highest-priced.

The Conservative Party slammed the revelations. Shadow Treasury minister Philip Hammond said: 'Gordon Brown’s claim that world oil prices are the cause of the soaring costs is exposed as a sham.'

Diesel tax rates
UK 58%
Sweden 52%
Germany 51%
France 50%
Austria 48%
Denmark 48%
Ireland 48%

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