Car shampoos reviewed - Ultimate Finish Waterless Wash and Wax

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  • Eight car shampoos tested
  • Ranked on performance and ease of use
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Best for shine
Best price £11.99 (
Capacity 750ml
For Contains Carnauba wax for a glossy sheen
Against Only available online

Ease of use
No water means you save money and stay dry. The instructions were easy to follow, and the smell pleasant. Although Ultimate Finish Waterless Wash and Wax did spray on in splotches, it was easy to rub in. Cleaning and polishing was quick, too, because no rinsing or drying was needed.

Surface grime lifted off easily with a gentle wipe, while more rigorous scrubbing sorted out tougher dirt. Overall, the results were impressive: buffing produced a deep, glossy, smear-free sheen.

Value for money
This is one of the more expensive products we tested, but you'll save on water bills – and time.

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