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I own a Vauxhall Tigra 1.8 Exclusiv (registered in Jan 2007) with 6500 miles on the clock. I’d like to exchange it for one-year-old 1.8 Mazda MX-5. Roughly, how much would I have to spend?
Jean Hall

This depends on how you go about selling your current car and buying the new one.

Trade your Tigra in at a Mazda dealer, and we reckon you should get £8855 towards your new car. An average mileage MX-5 should cost between £11,315 and £13,625, depending on whether you want a folding hard roof or a soft-top.

So, budget on splashing out between £2500 and £4750 for the change.

If you want to spend a bit less, buy the MX-5 privately for between £10,605 and £12,770, then, sell your Tigra in the classifieds for around £9165.

It’s a bit more hassle, but for a saving of around £1100 you might think it’s worth it.

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