Renault Fluence review - What's it like to drive?

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  • Price: £17,850 + monthly leasing charge on battery
  • MPG: N/A, CO2: Zero
  • Max Range: 115miles, charging time: 8hrs
The Fluence certainly doesn't feel like it's short of power. One of the many benefits of an electric powertrain is that maximum torque is available from the instant the motor starts spinning, so it accelerates up with immediacy and real strength.

Renault hasn't yet quoted any acceleration figures, but the Fluence doesn't feel any slower than a Leaf .The acceleration unfolds in a perfectly linear manner, too, and all with hardly any noise.

There's quiet whistle-like whirr if you really boot it, but other than that, the drivetrain is totally silent and smooth. Wind- and road noise is well suppressed, too.

The Fluence rides comfortably as well, which is surprising considering that it's based on the same platform as the rather unforgiving Renault Megane.

The Fluence will take the sting out of most bumps and potholes, and it does a good job of ironing out a patched-up urban surface. However, because our test drive took place on the streets of central London, we can't tell you anything about how the car behaves on the motorway.

Our route also meant that there weren't that many corners that we could take 'enthusiastically', but in the few we did find, the car felt grippy, secure and reasonably well controlled with little body lean. The steering is pretty remote and rather light, but this lightness will be a bonus in a car designed for the city.

All in all, the Fluence feels like a very well-judged package. It feels marginally more comfortable and just as refined as the Leaf, and as a result, more it's a slightly more relaxing car to drive.

Renault Fluence review - What's it like inside?


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