Range Rover Evoque review - What’s it like inside?

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What’s it like inside?
Despite the two cars’ very similar profiles, the five-door Evoque has a different windscreen angle than the Coupe’s and a slightly higher roofline, and these tweaks make it feel much more like a mini-SUV than a coupe inside. There’s a decent amount of space and headroom, even with the full-length panoramic glass roof fitted, and access to the rear seats is easy.

This is a car that can cope with four six-footers - although the rear passengers will end up squeezing their knees together to fit into the scalloped seatbacks. The deep flanks and narrow rear window mean that they could find their surroundings a little dark, too; the panoramic glass roof looks a decent option.

The materials are more Land Rover than Range Rover, but that’s not to say the fascia doesn’t feel premium. The dashboard top surfaces use a padded cloth, with contrast stitching; it looks luxurious enough to warrant the posher badge. Nastier, harder plastics are present - but in the most part they are restricted to elements that are out of everyday line of sight.

Land Rover’s sat-nav screen is beginning to look a little dated, with what looks like a low pixel count for its 8in size. However, the 5in information screen between the rev counter and speedometer is crisper, and you’ll use it more anyway; we particularly liked the way it displays sat-nav instructions, and shows a projected CO2 output when you select any given speed on the cruise control.

The standard leather seats are generally comfortable, although a little more lateral and lumbar support would be ideal.

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