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Lexus RX

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 85.3%
Lexus has now taken the number-one model spot three times in the past five years, but this is the first time it's been the company's RX SUV.

A near-textbook example of how to build a car that makes people happy, the RX has a clear lead over the Toyota Prius in second place.

The report card isn't entirely unblemished – there were grumbles with the stereo and sat-nav – but owners talked about everything else with very broad grins on their faces.

Mechanical reliability and the service from dealers, in particular, were exemplary, and while owners weren't quite over the moon with fuel consumption, that wasn't enough to stop the RX getting a maximum five-star rating in every category.


Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 83.3%
There's cause for a double celebration for Lexus in 2009, because not only is its RX the highest-ranking car in the What Car?/JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey, but Lexus is the top manufacturer, too.

This is no flash in the pan, either, with Lexus managing to come outtop of the manufacturers' league table every year it's been included in the exhaustive survey.
This year's victory makes it a mighty nine years in a row for Lexus, so you have to wonder if any other brand will ever manage to dislodge it from the throne.

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