For The Morgan Aero Coupe looks like nothing else on the road. It’s hugely fast and sounds incredible.

Against The ridiculous price looks even more ridiculous when you consider the shortage of luxury and safety equipment, and the poor build quality. It’s not even that enjoyable to drive.

Morgan Aero Coupe Coupe
22 5stars

There are much better supercars out there for similar money, so this isn’t a car we can recommend on any rational level. A very expensive status symbol.

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There are 1 Morgan Aero Coupe versions available

Coupe 4.8 V8 2dr £99,950
What Car? says:2 stars out of 5

Buyer's notes

Target Price team says:

The Aero Coupe sells on its rarity, its looks and its speed, and only the super-rich will have six figures to spend on a toy that’ll hardly ever get used.

Yes, it’s incredibly fast and it sounds amazing, but the driving experience is somewhat diluted by the dim-witted steering; it’s slow to react, inconsistently weighted and needs more of a self-centring action. It’s not a great cruiser, either. The ride isn’t up to the standards of similarly priced supercars, and the high-speed refinement is very disappointing, too. The build quality isn’t very convincing, either.

Your sizeable investment doesn’t even get you much in the way of luxury equipment, and safety kit is in even shorter supply. All this means that this isn’t a car we can recommend on any rational level. However, this isn’t a car that’s bought rationally. If you want one, and you’ve got the money to buy and run one, then you probably won’t care about any of the car’s shortcomings.

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Morgan Aero Coupe Coupe

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