For The Morgan Plus 8 has classic looks, combined with a thoroughly modern and entertaining V8 engine. It’s a genuinely quick and enjoyable sports car, but without any sort of brash image.

Against It’s hugely expensive and the interior feels way too cheap. The poor ride makes it feel uncivilized, and there’s virtually no luggage space. Luxury and safety equipment are in seriously short supply.

Morgan Plus Eight Open
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The Morgan Plus 8’s limitations mean it’s best used as a weekend toy, albeit a very expensive one. If you have the money, though, the fantastic engine and entertaining handling will give you plenty of fun.

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There are 1 Morgan Plus Eight versions available

Open 4.8 V8 2dr £85,200
What Car? says:2 stars out of 5

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Target Price team says:

Don’t be fooled by the Plus 8’s classical styling. Underneath all those curves and chrome finishes lie a modern engine and gearbox supplied by BMW. With 367bhp on tap, this car is properly fast. The sprightly handling and sharp steering mean it’s great fun to thrash around your favourite country lane, too.

However, that’s where its talents begin and end. The harsh ride, disappointing cabin and woeful shortage of storage space mean the Plus 8 is unsuitable for anything other than the odd Sunday afternoon blast. It’s an awful lot of money to pay for a weekend car, too.

In short, there are similarly priced convertibles that are quicker, better to drive and more luxuriously equipped. However, those who’ve been bitten by the Morgan bug, and who have the money to buy one, will probably forgive the Plus 8 just about anything.

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Morgan Plus Eight Open

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