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For The Suzuki Grand Vitara is cheaper than many rivals, looks the part and possesses genuine off-road ability. All versions steer and handle well, and the cabin is solid and spacious.

Against The ride is too firm and there's too much engine noise. The petrol engines are weak, the gearshift is heavy and the Grand Vitara is comparatively expensive to run.

Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4
11 5stars

It's cheap, stylish and handles well, but the Suzuki Grand Vitara let down by below-par ride, refinement and performance.

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There are 6 Suzuki Grand Vitara versions available

4x4 1.6 SZ3 3dr £15,995
What Car? says:2 stars out of 5
4x4 1.6 SZ4 3dr £16,685
What Car? says:1 stars out of 5
4x4 2.4 SZ4 3dr £17,330
What Car? says:1 stars out of 5
4x4 2.4 SZ4 5dr £18,895
What Car? says:1 stars out of 5
4x4 2.4 SZ5 5dr £21,570
What Car? says:1 stars out of 5
4x4 1.9 DDiS SZ5 5dr £23,875
What Car? says:1 stars out of 5

Buyer's notes

Target Price team says:

The Grand Vitara’s biggest advantage over rivals in the competitive compact 4x4 segment is that it can actually go off-road.

It certainly looks the part, too, with edgy styling and high ground clearance.

Three powertrains are available and include one diesel and a 2.4-litre petrol. None of them can claim dashing performance, but the 2.4 is gutsy and the 1.9-litre diesel offers plenty of pulling power.

The suspension is firmly sprung, which prevents body roll in bends. Unfortunately this also makes for an uncomfortably hard ride which only gets worse in the three-door.

The interior is functional rather than plush, but it is spacious and stylish and the materials have a hard-wearing feel about them.

Keep an eye out for 0% finance offers that Suzuki have on the Grand Vitara from time to time.

Reader test team says:

Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 2.4 SZ5 5dr

An honest 4X4 that does like to drink petrol but buying it knowing this makes ownership far easier. Fairly well specc'd in SZ5 trim. It does need a…

Paul Hamilton

4 out of 5 stars

Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 1.9 DDiS SZ4 5dr

Follow up report. Now with 95600miles on my 1.9ddis october 2007 57 plate. What can i say it just gets better. Nearly 100,000 miles and not missed a…

cliff jeffrey

5 out of 5 stars

Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 2.0 16v X-EC 5dr

Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 2.0 16v X-EC 5dr auto S PACK I like its looks and exclusivity but the petrol bill is a downer. Only been able to average 24.2…

michael mbah

4 out of 5 stars

Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 1.6 VVT+ 3dr

I have now owned this vehicle for just over three years. In all that time nothing has ever gone wrong. I have to admit that the Suzuki has had a hard…

danny nolan

4 out of 5 stars
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Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4

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