For The Model S offers staggering performance and an impressive range for an electric car. It’s practical, too, with seats for up to seven.

Against Its sheer size may make it difficult to drive on some UK roads and it’s still not quite as useable as a conventionally powered alternative.

Tesla Model S Hatchback
44 5stars

The Tesla Model S is a ground-breaking electric car that's both desirable and capable. If it fits into your lifestyle, it’s a superb choice.

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There are 4 Tesla Model S versions available

Hatchback 60kWh 5dr £52,680
What Car? says:4 stars out of 5
Hatchback 85kWh 5dr £58,680
What Car? says:4 stars out of 5
Hatchback 85kWh Dual Motor 5dr £62,780
What Car? says:4 stars out of 5
Hatchback 85kWh Performance 5dr £79,080
What Car? says:4 stars out of 5

Buyer's notes

Target Price team says:

There are three Tesla S models. The cheapest is the 60 (with a 60kWh battery), which has a range of 240 miles. Next up is the 85, which gets a bigger battery and can do 312 miles on a single charge. Both of these cars have a 362bhp electric motor, but the actual output is limited in the 60 so it's a little bit slower. At the top of the pile is the P85D, which has a faintly ludicrous 682bhp and four-wheel-drive, and which we’ve yet to drive.

85 and P85D models come with a Supercharging connector for ultra-fast charging (you can add this to the 60 version if you pay extra). Another option worth considering is the pre-paid servicing plan. This covers the cost of all routine servicing for four years, and includes replacement brake pads and windscreen wipers, 24-hour roadside assistance and remote diagnostics.

Reader test team says:

Tesla Model S Hatchback 85kWh 5dr

This car is a revelation. Once you have driven an electric car like this you will feel that all internal combustion engine driven cars are akin to…

Ryan Hynd

5 out of 5 stars

Tesla Model S Hatchback 85kWh Performance 5dr

Is this car quieter than a sleeping baby, smoother than First Class on an A380 and more relaxing than a head full of valium and a warm bath? Yes, yes…

Andrew Morten

5 out of 5 stars
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Tesla Model S Hatchback

Read the definitive Tesla Model S Hatchback review from the expert What Car? team. Check specs, prices and compare with similar cars.


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