What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For It has a cracking engine range backed up by agile handling and distinctive good looks

Against The ride becomes choppy on bumpy roads, and the rear seats are only for children

Verdict It's a good-looking Italian coupe, but overshadowed by the prettier Brera

Go for… 1.9 JTD

Avoid… 3.2 V6

Alfa Romeo GT Coupe
  • 1. The driving position is suitable for most, although taller drivers may struggle to make themselves comfortable
  • 2. The front undertray is prone to grounding out as you drive over speed bumps
  • 3. Look for scuffs on the backs of the front seats
  • 4. All GTs wear their front tyres quickly, so budget for this
  • 5. 1.9 JTD diesel is the engine of choice - it'll average over 40mpg
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