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What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For Drive and handling, build quality, well equipped

Against Limited rear legroom, wind- and road noise

Verdict Good, but the 3 Series Coupe offers better value.

Go for… 120d ES

Avoid… 135i M Sport

BMW 1 Series Coupe
  • 1. The problem with many coupes is that they're expensive and impractical. However, BMW's 1 Series Coupe manages to be both sensible and stylish
  • 2. The 1 Series Coupe's biggest problem is that the BMW 3 Series Coupe does everything better and needn't cost much more to buy
  • 3. The Coupe's range of engines pretty much follows that of the 1 Series hatchback. The emphasis is on performance, but that doesn't mean big fuel bills
  • 4. Road tax costs are kept down, thanks to low CO2 emissions. The 118d is the cheapest producing just 119g/km of CO2, while the 120d comes in at 125g/km
  • 5. A high rate of tyre wear can be a problem, with rear tyres sometimes lasting for fewer than 15,000 miles
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