What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For You get thrilling performance, amazing handling, a strong image and practicality

Against Running costs are high - but they're worth it for the sheer thrills

Verdict You're buying a strong combination of awesome performance and day-to-day practicality

Go for… Clean cars

Avoid… Thrashed cars

BMW M3 Coupe
  • 1. The ride is firm around town, but at higher speeds it becomes more forgiving
  • 2. The M3 comes loaded with stability and traction technology, big alloys, air-con and six airbags
  • 3. A professional inspection is strongly advised, especially to spot accident damage
  • 4. Wear of the engine's big-end shell bearing is common - check that oil pressure isn't low
  • 5. Check all the electrics inside the car are working properly
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