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What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For The Lacetti offers good value for money, and has decent looks and equipment

Against It should be a lot better to drive, and the refinement is well below-par

Verdict As an affordable small family car it's fine, but it's definitely not for the driving enthusiast

Go for… 1.6 SX

Avoid… 1.4 and autos

Daewoo Lacetti Hatchback
  • 1. Check that the seats, locks and switchgear all behave as expected
  • 2. Look for misaligned body panels, which may indicate a crash repair
  • 3. The cockpit is straightforward, with a good, adjustable driving position and plenty of stowage
  • 4. Refinement is disappointing, with plenty of engine and wind noise in the cabin
  • 5. Boot space is pretty generous
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