What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For Nippy in town and smooth-riding, the Charade is well equipped, pretty roomy and cheap

Against It's noisy on the motorway and rolls too much in bends

Verdict It's a cracking little city car from a company often overlooked, but it's a little unrefined

Go for… Five-door models

Avoid… Three-door models

Daihatsu Charade Hatchback
  • 1. Build quality is solid and the dash layout is very simple
  • 2. For such a small car, there's plenty of cabin space
  • 3. The lightweight suspension may mean problems in the future, so listen out for worrying clonks on the test drive
  • 4. Uneven tyre wear is a sign that suspension problems may be on the way
  • 5. The three-cylinder engine is fine if you only drive around town, but it's a bit stretched on the motorway
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