What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For It's very cheap, and has an excellent reliability record

Against A few cars have had suspension problems, and some competitors offer a better drive for even less money

Verdict It's reliable and cheap to buy and run, but you are better off looking elsewhere

Go for… Five-door versions

Avoid… Auto gearbox

Daihatsu Cuore Hatchback
  • 1. Be wary of any cars for sale with brand-new tyres fitted. The seller may be disguising problems with the wheel alignment
  • 2. There's a good amount of head- and legroom all round, but only room for two in the back
  • 3. Before you buy, check for uneven tyre wear, which could show up wheel alignment problems
  • 4. Cheap materials make the cabin feel very low-rent
  • 5. The three-cylinder engine is fine around town, but a bit stretched at higher speeds
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