What Car? says

1 out of 5 stars

For Probably the cheapest car with 4x4 style

Against The cabin is narrow, and the Terios' ride and handling are well below par

Verdict A nice idea but it leaves a lot to be desired

Go for… Terios EL/Tracker

Avoid… Terios SL/Sport

Daihatsu Terios 4x4
  • 1. The cabin is very narrow - two people side by side will rub shoulders
  • 2. Ensure the coolant has been checked regularly. If not, there could be problems
  • 3. Exhausts can perish after just 18 months if the car is used primarily for short trips
  • 4. The boot is tiny - if you want to carry anything of any size, you need to fold down one of the rear seats
  • 5. The ride is very choppy on anything but the smoothest surfaces
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