What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For It's comfortable and luxurious, with stunning speed, and makes a wonderful noise

Against The handling is a bit mushy for a supercar

Verdict More a superfast tourer than a genuine sports car

Go for… Maranello

Avoid… Barchetta

Ferrari 550 Coupe
  • 1. The cabin is beautifully made and gives a feeling of luxury
  • 2. This isn't Ferrari's sharpest-handling car. It's more GT than pure sports car
  • 3. Even used cars are dear: three-year old examples are still worth almost 60% of their original value
  • 4. You'll want for nothing as far as standard equipment goes
  • 5. Check that recall work has been done - a very small number of cars needed work on leaking radiator pipes
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