What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For It has a versatile cabin with up to seven seats

Against The seats are heavy to lift in and out

Verdict One of the best big MPVs to drive

Go for… 1.9 TDCi (110)

Avoid… 2.8 V6

Ford Galaxy MPV
  • 1. The air-con system is a known weak spot on the Galaxy, so give it a thorough work-out during the test drive
  • 2. The rearmost seats aren't easy to get at and they're heavy to lift in and out
  • 3. The engines and gearboxes are robust as long as they are serviced on time. Brakes, too, give little cause for concern
  • 4. The suspension can give trouble - and not just on cars that have been used for hauling heavy loads
  • 5. On early cars, water leaks through the ventilation could affect the electrics
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