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What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For The Streetka has cheeky looks and offers nimble handling in an affordable open-top package

Against The 1.6 engine a bit short on puff

Verdict Fresh-air driving and fine handling don't come much cheaper

Go for… 1.6i Luxury

Avoid… 1.6i Pink

Ford Ka Streetka
  • 1. Make sure the interior is unmarked by water damage
  • 2. On a test drive, check the suspension is sound: careless owners can clip kerbs and bash the wheels out of alignment
  • 3. Stay away from vividly coloured special edition Streetka Pink. Even Ford dealers are reluctant to stock it
  • 4. Choose the Luxury version if you can find one - it has leather seats
  • 5. The boot space isn't good, even for a car this size
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