What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For Refined, safe and good to drive

Against Size, image, estate's rarity

Verdict Perfect family car and great value

Go for… 2.0TDCI Zetec

Avoid… 2.5 T Titanium

Ford Mondeo Estate
  • 1. The 2.0-litre is the one most suited to the Mondeo, with plenty of performance that's delivered in smooth and quiet manner.
  • 2. Unfortunately, the estate version isn't very common on the used market, so you may have to hunt for the right car.
  • 3. Fuel consumption is between 53.3mpg and 45.6mpg for the diesels and 39.2mpg to 30.4 for the petrols.
  • 4. The keyless entry and ignition system on certain models can stop working, stranding owners or locking them out of their cars. The problem is an intermittent fault, however, and doesn't always show its
  • 5. Some people struggle with the size of the Mondeo, and the visibility from the driver's seat doesn't help, because it's hard to judge where the corners are.
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