What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For The Shuttle is cleverly packaged, good to drive and should prove reliable

Against Engine refinement is disappointing, the looks are bland and it's thirsty on fuel

Verdict An affordable and capable alternative to better known people-carriers

Go for… 2.3 SE

Avoid… LS cars

Honda Shuttle MPV
  • 1. Driving position is comparatively low and car-like
  • 2. It's important that the air-con is recharged every two years
  • 3. Among the known problems are that the suspension bushes can wear quickly and the anti-lock brakes can need a new pump
  • 4. Room in the boot for luggage is limited with all the seats upright
  • 5. The gear selector is mounted on the steering column so the floor is clear and you can walk into the back
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