What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For This is a unique, reliable coupe with bold looks

Against Visibility is restricted, it's low on power and the interior is claustrophobic and bland

Verdict It's an acquired taste, but at least it is cheap to buy and service

Go for… Early 2.0 SE

Avoid… 1.6-litres

Hyundai Coupé Coupe
  • 1. Check for rust around the sunroof and the tailgate
  • 2. Battery life is a little short and the central locking can malfunction
  • 3. The seats are not supportive enough, but the car can take four people without too much fuss
  • 4. If the gearchange feels unreasonably notchy, have it checked out before you buy
  • 5. Boot space is excellent - this is a surprisingly practical coupe
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