What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For The Sonata is comfortable and practical. It's cheap to buy and reliable, too

Against It's outclassed on the road by nearly all of its contemporary rivals

Verdict High spec and a low price, but not a great buy

Go for… 2.4-litres

Avoid… All others

Hyundai Sonata Saloon
  • 1. Any gremlins should be ironed out quickly and quietly during the generous five-year manufacturer warranty
  • 2. Every model comes with leather upholstery and the soft-touch dash covering
  • 3. Ensure all the electrical gadgets, including the climate control, work
  • 4. If the alloys are scraped or the tyre tread uneven, check for misaligned suspension
  • 5. The boot is huge and the rear seat splits and folds for extra carrying potential
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