What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For The Trajet is big, well equipped and comparatively cheap to buy and run

Against Interior quality disappoints and the ride and refinement are rather crude

Verdict There are better MPVs, but it gives you a lot of space and kit for the money

Go for… 2.0 GSI

Avoid… Costly diesel

Hyundai Trajet MPV
  • 1. There's a good-sized boot, even with all the seats in place
  • 2. Trajets have been known to suffer from sticking gearboxes, so check it thoroughly on a test drive
  • 3. Cars we've driven have had too many rattles and squeaks, suggesting cabin quality could be better
  • 4. Power steering pumps have been known to fail, so check this before you buy
  • 5. The driving position could be better - the steering wheel adjusts for height only
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