What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For The engines are smooth, the ride is comfortable, and it's good value for money

Against Headroom is a bit tight in the rear, and it's not as sharp to drive as a BMW 5 Series

Verdict It's not quite a BMW-beater, but it’s a refined alternative that's worth considering

Go for… 2.7 D V6 SE

Avoid… 4.2 V8 R

Jaguar S-type Saloon
  • 1. The centre of the dashboard contains an almost bewildering array of buttons
  • 2. Go for later cars - early models suffered from ignition coil failures, premature engine wear and electrical problems caused by water leaks
  • 3. High-mileage cars should be avoided, while mid-mileage examples should be given a very thorough examination
  • 4. Tall back seat passengers will find their heads brushing the roof
  • 5. The luggage space is long and shallow, and getting stuff in and out isn't easy
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