What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For Big, luxurious cruiser that’s beautiful to behold

Against Older models can present owners with frightening repair bills

Verdict It has huge presence and ample power, but threatens big bills when things need doing

Go for… XK8

Avoid… XKR

Jaguar XK Coupe
  • 1. Older engines can suffer bore wear – watch for misfires and exhaust smoke as you blip the throttle, and oil that needs topping up weekly
  • 2. Check any timing belt rattles - a relatively cheap repair to the tensioner can prevent a much dearer engine rebuild
  • 3. If the gearchanges are less than smooth, walk away - the gearbox may need an expensive rebuild
  • 4. Scratches or rips in the cabin can cost more than you’d guess to sort out
  • 5. Space in the rear is cramped, to say the least. Treat the car as a two-seater
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