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What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For Low prices, strong engines, excellent ability off-road

Against Poor ride; lacks composure on-road; the cabin looks cheap

Verdict It looks the part and is great off-road, but the interior and ride let it down

Go for… 3.0 V6 CRD Overland

Avoid… 5.7 V8 Limited

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4
  • 1. Owners are known to complain about engine problems, so insist on a full service history
  • 2. Switchgear in the cabin is known to give problems, so check it all works before you buy
  • 3. Room in the back is not as generous as in some rivals
  • 4. Some drivers will find the headroom tight, and the lack of reach adjustment on the steering doesn’t help
  • 5. The boot is a decent size and shape, albeit with an awkwardly high floor
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