What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For The Cerato is roomy, and has plenty of equipment, including lots of safety kit

Against It's a comfortable car, but vague steering and body roll mar the drive

Verdict It's safe, well equipped and practical, but driving it is a let-down

Go for… 1.6 GS

Avoid… 2.0 SE

Kia Cerato Saloon
  • 1. Build quality is reasonable, but the materials used are far from the best around
  • 2. If the clutch pedal works anything less than smoothly, then don't bother with the car
  • 3. Give the manual gearbox a good test, and be wary if it doesn't engage first or reverse gear smoothly
  • 4. Engines that sound unduly noisy on start-up are best avoided. Make sure the cooling system works properly, too
  • 5. Both the hatch and this saloon have good boots, but the saloon isn't quite as practical
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