What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For The Sportage is great value, with good kit and a spacious cabin

Against The cabin is drab, refinement is poor, and the drive disappointing

Verdict It's cheap and cheerful, but not great to drive

Go for… 2.0 CRDi XE

Avoid… 2.7 V6 XS

Kia Sportage Crossover
  • 1. Residuals are quite weak, so prices are very attractive on used cars
  • 2. There’s more legroom in the Sportage than in dearer rivals such as the Nissan X-Trail
  • 3. The standard automatic gearbox saps the V6 of the extra power it has over its smaller brothers
  • 4. Unless you have deep pockets, avoid the V6, which is too expensive to buy and run
  • 5. Thanks to its big boot and 60/40 split rear seats, it makes a fine family car
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