What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For Cheap to buy and run, good boot space, styling

Against Heavy depreciation, grumbly diesel engines

Verdict Not as good to drive as many of its rivals, but gets lots of kit and style.

Go for… 1.6 petrol

Avoid… 2.0 diesel

Kia Sportage Crossover
  • 1. The Kia Sportage looks great and has a practical, stylish cabin. It's well equipped and came with a seven-year, unlimited-mileage warranty that transfers to buyers of used examples
  • 2. The 2.0-litre diesel engine isn’t as flexible as some rivals’. The ride can become unsettled too easily and the steering is vague
  • 3. The Sportage’s diesel engines are a little boomy when you rev them, but the noise melts away well on the motorway. The 1.7 petrol is also pretty smooth, too
  • 4. Even the entry-level Sportages are specced up to the nines, so there’s no need to climb too far up the range
  • 5. It’s still early days for this Sportage, but owners seem relatively happy. A few electrical niggles have been reported, including problems with heated seats
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