What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For It's very quick, handles brilliantly and looks great

Against The steering has a slightly numb feel about it, and the cabin isn't quite special enough

Verdict It ticks all the supercar boxes: it's got the looks, performance and handling

Go for… One with a manual gearbox

Avoid… The E-Gear

Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe
  • 1. Try to find a version with the manual gearbox - the optional clutchless paddleshift gearchange is too jerky
  • 2. Lamborghini is now owned by Audi, so the Gallardo should prove less troublesome than many supercars
  • 3. You might be a bit disappointed with the drab interior, but on almost every other count this is a terrific car
  • 4. The steering is slightly dull, which is a disappointment in a car like this
  • 5. Standard four-wheel drive ensures excellent levels of traction
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